Encyclopedia Utopia presents ideas about a good world using words, music, and art.

Although this place is not without pain and sadness, the intention to harm is absent, and love is always present. Encyclopedia Utopia remains full with struggle, but where the challenges of life are met with kindness, and compassion.

Truth: These words, sights, and sounds are made.

Fiction: Something that happens in your imagination that makes everything here, new.

Imagination: Things not present to the senses, but real to the spirit.

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The Fruit of Our Love

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One of the first great encyclopedias was written by Ibn Qutaybah who lived over a thousand years ago in a centre of Arab culture and learning.

Five hundred years ago, 'Utopia', a fictional work that encouraged dialogue about a perfect society, was published by Thomas Moore in England.

Encyclopedia Utopia is an evolving exploration of ways to think about a world where care and love drives the actions of its inhabitants.

Family Friendly

All content at Encyclopedia Utopia is suitable for all ages, and special care is taken over the text that accompanies each article so that it is accessible to a broad audience, often using poetic language.

Friendship and Sunlight

Fiction And Reality

The Encyclopedia Utopia is a work of fiction that for me, is real...

The word 'real' is often used to represent everything that is not thought of, as if the world exists outside of this thing I know as me. 

Fiction is not fact, but then, what are facts? Truths often shift depending on who records them, how they are presented, and because of our evolving understanding of 'the real world'. The ground I stand on is considered real, as is the sky above me. When I begin to think carefully about even these things, I realise my understanding of the real is a constantly shifting feast.

Thinking and using my imagination seems every bit as real to me as the physical world, although it is far harder to share common agreement on what is discovered.

City of Light

Those who are most open to discovery, those most curious will find the Encyclopedia Utopia uncovers places that might at first seem fantastical and very different than the everyday.

The strength of magic realism is that it is less illusory than a world understood through facts alone.

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