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Articles at Encyclopedia Utopia include an outline that offers a brief description, and five points of interest that encourage thought and insight: time, place, duration, essence, and atmosphere.

These points of interest place the article into a context of epoch, season, or time of day. Place may be a physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual location. Duration, how long an experience or event lasts, or seems to last. Essence, an essential quality of the main subject, and atmosphere, the more general ambience of the scene.

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Above The Clouds
A Chattering World
A City By The Sea
Ahead of The Wave
As Life Begins
As Light Begins The Flowers Wake
As The River Flows
Awake With All I Am
Beauty and Rain
Beauty and The Day
Because of You
Before Morning
Before You Leave
Below The Stars We Gaze
Below The Sun A Flower Grows
Beneath My Wings
Beneath The Waves
Beneath This Dream of Stars
Beyond Our Moments of Pretence
Bird Life
Butterfly Wings
City of Light
Close To The Earth
Day And Night
Far Away
Far Beneath The Sea
Fields of Plenty
Find Me Here
First Breath
Flamingos, Water, and Sky.
Following Our Disagreement
Forest Life
Friendship and Sunlight
From Seed To Sky
Gentle As The Breeze
Goat and Grass
Grace At Night Under The Stars
Grow Tall Under The Sun
Hillside and Mist
House Boat
I Dance The Night Away
I Dream As You With Hope And Fear
I Know My Heart
I Want To See
I Will Not Turn Away
Land of Plenty
Look Not Upon My Face
Mother and Daughter
My Body and My Me
My Child
My Love With Flower Rests
My Mane of Blue
My Near and Far
My Shortest Day
My Solitary Life
My Strength
Northern Light
Ocean Bloom
Ocean Breath
Once Upon A Time
Our Inner World
Our Night Time Prayer
Rain Falls
Rooted To This Place
Shelter From The Rain
Side by Side
Sliding Slow
So Close
Spirit Dance
Surprise and Love
The Big City
The Buzz of Fly
The Care of Others
The Change Within Me
The Colours of Love
The Dreams We Share
The Flowers We Give
The Garden of My Dreams
The Light Beyond
The Line That Divides Us
The Long Wait
The Loss of You
The Love of Morning
This Place of Beauty Stay
The Wisper of Small Things
Together We Make New
Under Blue of Starlit Sky
Waiting For The Moon
Walking Man Under Sun
Wave and Wing
We Who Swim
Where Day Ends And Night Begins
With Love Be Strong
With Time
With Time I Change
With You
With You I Am Never Lost
You Set Me Free
Young Love

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